We're a distributed team of design and culture partners. We collaborate with organizations using the Phenomena Method in four ways:
Half-day to multi-day sessions conducted online, virtual, or hybrid. We'll discuss your goals as an organization, and tailor activities to fit your group's needs. This could include visioning for impact, creating a set of organizational values, or facilitating more equitable innovation processes. Our workshops are highly interactive and led by participants. But we're there to guide you every step of the way.
Digital to physical resources from our existing toolkit or co-created by your team(s). We'll facilitate the entire process of building or adapting tools that includes capacity building and continuous learning.
Guest Speaking
Ruth has served as a guest speaker at conferences and academic institutions internationally. She's always excited to share her ethos and process for co-designing with positive values at your next event or class. Bonus points if your audience is not yet familiar with participatory practices but wants to expand their horizons!
There are a number of ways we could serve as thought partners. Let's set up a call and discuss how we can support your organization in building more meaningful futures. We'd love to co-create this process with you, too!
If you're interested in a different collaboration or just want to say hello, reach out to us! 
We enjoy meeting people who are passionate about democratizing design as we are.
— Ruth Guerra, Founder 
We've collaborated with:
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